Seated atop a gilded throne of ashen skulls...

Within an empire built of crimson and gold...

A man who weaves with the silken strands of a silver tongue...

Zekh'ir Vhalyn

To the world at large, Zekh'ir is nothing more than another graceful aristocrat, studying Thaumaturge, and collector of rare tomes and texts. But those who dwell beyond the veil of the law and in the depths of darkness know him for all he truly is.

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Zekh'ir's childhood and early days are shrouded in mystery. No one really knows where the high society veena came from-- only that he's got his claws sunk deep into every corner of the realm. And that the further one digs to discover the truth about him, the more they'll find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Others call him a villain. He calls himself nothing more than a man who knows what he wants and how to get it.

Full Name: Zekh'ir Vhalyn
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Marital Status: Partnered (Poly)
Sexuality: Pansexual (male leaning)
Age: 33 Years Old
Height: 6'1
City of Residence: Shirogane/Ul'dah
Languages: Fluent Eorzean, Doman, and Hingan. Basic Ishgardian. Learning Sign.
Occupation: Syndicate Boss, Alchemist, Information Broker, Researcher.

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Zekh'ir can often be found wandering around Ul'Dah or lounging about his lab in Shirogane. His daily dealings send him all over the realm, so one might find him pretty much anywhere. Except the East Shroud— he refuses to spend more time there than necessary.Common Hooks
Information Broker: Looking for information on someone or perhaps on something? Want to make your bounty disappear? Need a rumor spread? He has connections all over the criminal underground. Need something? Zekh has a name. His services are available-- for a price.
Thaumaturge Magic lessons? Need help with something in regards to aether? Zekh'ir has a library of rare tomes to help with your research! Best of luck convincing him you're worthy of seeing them.Alchemist: Need a potion? He delivers many of his own orders, so you could happen across him making a delivery! He specializes in poisons and explosives.Uncommon Hooks

These hooks require OOC discussion/permission prior to use.

Life on the Run: Hunted from the time he was young due to the destruction of a Rava village he hailed from, his recent dropping of glamour means those from his village who survived might come looking for him.The Void Leaves a Stench: Due to recent events, Zekh'ir has become a nightkin. It's complicated, and he hides it incredibly well. Unless someone has the acute ability to identify the properties of the void's taint in one's aether, Zekh appears normal due to a spelled corsage he wears.Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Zekh'ir has wronged many in his climb to the top, and he's long since lost track of the body count. Maybe someone important to you has been a casualty of his grab for power.

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ICly available servicesAlchemy Services: Need a potion made? Someone poisoned and an antidote needed? Need a complex potion reverse-engineered? Or perhaps you seek something colorless, odorless, and virtually untraceable to take care of a problem? Zekh'ir specializes in poisons and explosives, along with his version of an untraceable truth serum.Information Services: There's no secret Zekh'ir and his collection of songbirds can't unravel. Whatever, whoever, wherever-- he can find it. He can also plant the seeds of a new rumor at your request, seeing that it spreads to every corner of the audience you desire. Be warned, Zekh's information brokering can't be bought with gil. He'll trade information for information-- or for a favor owed.Courtesan: Though he has chosen to forgo working openly as a courtesan anymore, he could be willing to spend an evening with someone for the right price. Unfortunately, his price is never gil. Perhaps a secret or a favor owed-- it's unclear which is more dangerous within the claws of the viera.OOCly available servicesHousing Design: I'm an experienced housing decorator in FFXIV, and would be happy to turn your space into a dream home. I specialized in venues, clubs, and high end/luxury designs, as well as libraries and workshops. But I'm happy to design whatever you dream up! See examples and prices here.Omnicrafter Services: If it's craftable, I can craft it! My mats or yours. Raid food, gear, furniture, or just that fancy new glam you've been eyeing! Hit me up, I'm always happy to lend my hands and tools!

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♥ Romantic Partner | ▲ Ex-Husband | ❣ Casual Lover | ⁂ Family (Not blood-related)
★ Trusted Friend | ♔ Crush | ✔ Business | ☮ Positive | ☢ Negative
☼ To be Protected | ● Neutral | ≈ It's Complicated | ♠ Boss

the inner circle

Hale Valencia
▲ ⁂ ☼ ≈

Xanthes Baratuum
★ ♔ ☮ ☼

❣ ⁂ ★ ✔ ☮ ☼

Grey Haiiro
♥ ✔ ☼ ≈

persons of interest

Ramiel Saifionne
✔ ● ≈

Armant Jidoix
❣ ☮ ☼ ≈

Raphael Delarue
✔ ☢ ≈

Vontros Lavendal
♔ ✔ ≈ ♠

Jhansi Zhwan
✔ ☮

Jinro Oja
● ≈

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I am a strong believer in separating IC and OOC. Zekh'ir is an antagonist, so please understand that his IC opinions/beliefs are not mine OOCly. I prefer communication with my RP partners, never hesitate to reach out!

  • — EST is my timezone. I am usually free Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue between noon and 3am, and Wed/Thu/Fri after midnight. I'm fairly busy IRL, so I prefer to schedule RP ahead of time unless we have an active plot going on.

  • — I will not RP with anyone under 21, and prefer to RP with people 30+. I'm 32-- it's just a comfort thing. Nothing personal.

  • — I'm open to ERP if that's what happens in story, and Zekh'ir is known to be a flirt who's open to an evening of fun, but I personally prefer plot-based RP. Chanses are that if we start interacting and I realize all you want is ERP from Zekh, there's a high chance I'll lose interest.

  • — Zekh'ir is a villain. He may be an asshole to you, please understand that is my character and not me. I adore most people OOCly that Zekh hates or harms ICly. Zekh'ir's actions are not a reflection on my irl views, morals, or opinions.

  • — On the villain note, I am open to RPing darker themes and taboo topics with communication, consent, and pre-planning. I only ask that if we agree to rp something that may be a potential trigger for others that we agree not to bring it up around strangers/public spaces, so as not to force anyone else to be uncomfortable. If you do this and it causes an issue, I will cease communication with you. Period. I strongly believe in two consenting adults being able to RP whatever they want, but I equally believe in not forcing potentially triggering subjects onto other people by proximity.

  • --I'm alright with lore bending, but I am not interested in RP with lore brekaing characters, or overly special snowflake-type characters. This includes dragons, vampires, primals, etc. I prefer realistic characters with moderate power levels. Chances are if you pull out voidsent wings or turn into a dragon during RP around me in public like it's a no-big-deal thing, I'm not going to be interested in a second RP.

  • — I love IC drama, but I don't do OOC drama. If you draw me into drama OOCly, I'm gone. I don't care if you have your own drama-- don't make it mine unless you and I are best friends.

  • — I am always looking for new RP partners and connections, drop me a message on discord if you want to plot/plan! My discord is #LumiZumi.

Important Note: Although Zekh'ir is pansexual, for personal reasons I am not always comfortable ERPing with female anatomy. Zekh has and will date any gender and gender-identity, however please understand if I ask to FTB anything ERP-related if I'm not feeling up to it.

Prefered Position: True Switch-- either a commanding dominant or a bratty bottom. Can be convinced to behave as a bottom, cannot be convinced to be a soft/gentle top.Specialties: BDSM, Rigging, D/s, Brat Taming, PotionsInterests: Aphrodisiacs, Breath control, dubcon, multiple partners, leather, humiliation, degradation (as top only), spanking, roughness, sadism, toys, exhibitionism.Limits: Messy things, bodily fluids, needles, ageplay, pregnancy.

F-list or Kinksheet available on request-- just ask!